Introducing the Bootsie Chair:
The Ultimate Seating Solution for Comfort and Convenience

Introducing the Bootsie Chair – the ultimate seating solution for those seeking both comfort and convenience. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the park, or just lounging in your backyard, the Bootsie Chair is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure. The way it reclines provides perfect lumbar support and is a perfect complement to the Helux Umbrella.

Let’s take a closer look at the first ever reclining folding chair in the industry

Sturdy Design

One of the standout features of the Bootsie Chair is its patented technology that allows you to recline, this feature can be adjusted with a twist of a knob. It measures just 4.5 inches wide when folded, making it incredibly easy to store and transport. The Bootsie Chair is made with a sturdy 22mm diameter 2mm gauge tubular aircraft-grade aluminum frame, designed to support any size comfortably.

Ergonomic for Transporting

It features a natural ergonomic handle that makes it easy to lift and carry the chair to and from your destination. This makes it easy to take your Bootsie Chair with you wherever you go, without the hassle of bulky or heavy chairs.

Reclining Back with Adjustable Tension

The reclining back on the Bootsie Chair is a game-changer. It can recline from 11-30 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect angle for ultimate relaxation. And the best part? The back articulates as you recline plus the chair back reclining tension is adjustable, so you can adjust the exact pressure you want on your back with a simple twist.

Flexible and Textured Back

The Bootsie Chair features a flexible and textured back that conforms to your body, providing maximum comfort and support. It’s designed to fit everyone, flexing and forming to your back to provide the perfect fit. And with ample lumbar support, you can recline comfortably for hours on end.


Stable Design with No-Slip Feet

The Bootsie Chair is designed with stability in mind. The frame features three cross braces that are designed to resist cracking, ensuring that your chair will last for years to come. And with lower braces that stop the Bootsie from sinking into soft ground, you can use it on any surface. Plus, it comes with four non-slip foot glides made of durable POM material that won’t mar hardwood flooring or tile.

Wide Ergonomic Armrests

The armrests on the Bootsie Chair are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re wide and angled to give your arms a rest when you need it, so you can relax without any discomfort. And with a self-locking mechanism that keeps the chair open and resists closing after being put into the open position, you can recline with confidence.


Lumbar Support

Finally, the Bootsie Chair provides ample lower back support while you recline. This means you can relax for hours on end without any discomfort or strain on your back. Whether you’re reading a book, sipping a cocktail, or just soaking up the sun, the Bootsie Chair has got your back.

In Conclusion

The Bootsie Chair is the perfect seating solution for anyone seeking both comfort and convenience. Its slim design makes it easy to transport and store, while its flexible and textured back provides maximum comfort and support. And with a sturdy frame, stable design, and adjustable tension, you can recline with confidence knowing that your chair will last for years to come. Plus, it perfectly complements our Helux Umbrella, giving you a matching, luxurious feel to your outdoor space.

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