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Bootsie™ Chair Features

Fits everyone. Flexes and forms your back.
The chair is textured to resist slipping and aid in back reclining motion.

Reclines from 11-30°. No more shirt pulling with back articulating as you recline.
Ample lower back support while you recline

Armrests are wide and the angle gives your arms a rest when needed.

The chair back reclining tension is adjustable. A simple twist allows you to dial in the exact pressure you want on your back.
Designed to stay open and resist closing after being put into the open position.
Folds to a slim 4.5″ wide, allowing for perfect stacking and 10 chairs/4 ft area.

Natural ergonomic handle to lift and carry the chair to and from your destination.
Optional shoulder strap for long hauls.

Made of 22mm diameter 2mm gauge tubular aircraft grade aluminum.
Rivets are made of Stainless steel that resists degradation due to outdoor weather.
Welds are strong non-porous designed and manufactured to pressure vessel standards.

The frame has three cross braces designed to resist cracking. Lower braces stop the Bootsie from sinking into soft ground.
The Bootsie chair comes with four non slip-foot glides. Made of durable POM material, glides will not mar hardwood flooring or tile.
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