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Auto open blinds​


E-Wand is a wireless device and can quickly and easily be added to you home network of devices from a number of home control systems.

E-Wand is Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit compatible; meaning E-Wand can be controlled with voice commands.

E-Wand can be controlled with professional grade home automation systems like – CONTROL 4, VANTAGE, RTI, CRESTON, LUTRON, SAMSUNG SmartThings, SAVANT

  • E WAND has an App that can be downloaded from the IOS App store or the Android App Store
  • E WAND App allows for easy programming, group creation, schedules, and scenes.
  • E-Wand lasts about one year without replacing batteries under normal usage.
  • Because E-Wand is Alkaline Battery operated there is no need to run power cable to a window opening.

E-Wand is compatible with most wand controlled 2-2.5 inch venetian blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds.

E-Wands can be grouped. This means if you manually adjust a blind, all other E-Wands in the same group will automatically be adjusted to manually adjusted blind position.

E-Wands has an extension handle that can be added for tall blind manual control.

E-Wands have a twisting handle. Twist clockwise to move the blind one way, Twist counter clockwise and the blind moves the opposite way.

The E-Wand controls blinds without the used of cords which have been know to strangle young children.

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