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Product engineer


Full Time





to apply

Send resume or credentials to

Specific job responsibilities include:


  • Design and manage product solutions from napkin to production.
  • Lead and participate product design improvement brainstorms. Use brainstorm results to prioritize and build prototype solutions.
  • Quickly sketch and prototype product solutions and concepts to overcome development hurdles.
  • Work as a team with other parts of the organizations: marketing, model shop, finance, quality, purchasing, and manufacturing.
  • Document development progress results in CAD model folders.
  • Conduct test product installations in the field.
  • Conduct research into new and evolving technologies to benefit R&D efforts.
  • Become an expert at various industry, national, and state codes for testing protocol and requirements.
  • Schedule, Plan, and Organize first article and pilot product runs.
  • Work with raw material and tooling suppliers to develop optimized solutions.
  • Release engineering drawings to product engineering.

Candidate will meet some or all of these specific skills

  • Mechanical Engineering Intuition and Calculations
  • Stress and deflection Analysis
  • Statistical Tolerances and Stackups
  • Tolerance Design
  • Fastener Loading
  • Parametric 3D Solid Modelling Computer Aided Design – Solidworks
  • Part and Assembly Design
  • Layout methods
  • Fit checks
  • Animation of Assemblies
  • Cosmos Mechanism and FEA
  • Revision Control
  • Light Construction, Proper use of Power Tools, Prototype building
  • Written Reports – Word/Excel/Power Point/MS Project
  • Manufacturing Processes – Extrusions, Injection Molding, General Machining, Painting, Heat Treatments
  • Trouble Shooting/ Problem Solving
  • Sketching
  • Algebra/Statistics/Business Accounting
  • Basic Electronic Circuitry
  • Digital Photography
  • High Speed Photography

To be considered for this position, please provide your resume and cover letter to